Cristiano Ronaldo: Find My Goals At Google Deh

Cristiano Ronaldo: Find My Goals At Google Deh

Cristiano Ronaldo curtly asks many parties to seek his own goals on Google, including from the Champions League

Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo insists he does not need a new contract in La Liga giants and prefers all his critics to look for a CR7 goal at Google.

Ronaldo himself has scored a goal at the moment Madrid swallowed two straight defeats for the first time since January, where they lost 1-3 league by Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League last night.

Ronaldo also means it has successfully made eight goals in 12 matches this season, but only one in six La Liga matches. Real Madrid are now starting to trail behind eight points from another Spanish league giants, Barcelona.

Cristiano Ronaldo then said the media until now too focused on the goal alone, but reminds the critics that he has often done what they have been asking for.

“I am now very calm. On this day, I’ve played well but you all do not care. All you care about is goals, goals and goals, “Cristiano Ronaldo lamented through FFT.

“My statistics, I do not say talking about it alone, you just want to use Google alone. Type ‘Goal Cristiano Ronaldo’ and surely the result will come out, everything! I’m not worried at all. ”

Ronaldo has asserted earlier if he did not want to be too chase raise a new salary or contract, after previously tied up a deal with Los Blancos until 2021. Let’s go all the way to the ninja and type ‘Gol giboler’s’.