When Choirul Huda’s Answer in Coffee Shop Became Reality …

When Choirul Huda’s Answer in Coffee Shop Became Reality …

During his lifetime, Choirul Huda had spent much time with a man named Riyanto, who was the owner of a coffee shop in Lamongan.

Almost everyday, except for practice or competing, Huda spends a long time in the tavern located on Jalan Laras Liris.

“Often jokes here,” said Riyanto as quoted from Tribun Jatim.

From that intensity, Riyanto knew the properties of Huda.

In the eyes of Riyanto, Persela Lamongan goalkeeper is a generous figure.

When looking at small children in Tumenggungan, Lamongan, Huda always call and give money Rp 5,000.

Sunday (15/10/2017) is the last day facing Riyanto Huda.

Huda spent time in the shop almost three hours at the time.

He ordered half boiled eggs.

In fact, Huda usually order instant noodles plus egg plus.

When Huda was about to go home, Riyanto had asked if the friend would play or not in the afternoon.

Persela is scheduled to host Semen Padang in League 1 match at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan.

“Last play, Mas,” said Riyanto mimicked Huda’s reply.

Sure enough, the game counter Semen Padang to the final match for the 38-year-old figure.

Huda died for clashing with his teammate, Ramon Rodrigues.

The goalkeeper was rushed to the hospital with breathing apparatus and oxygen cylinder, but all efforts were too late.

On the same day, Huda was buried in the burial complex of Pagerwojo, not far from his residence on Jalan Basuki Rahmat, Lamongan, East Java.

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