Fachrudin Want To Keep Asa Madura United Win Them

Fachrudin Want To Keep Asa Madura United Win Them

Madura United defender, Fachrudin Wahyudi Aryanto wants to keep his team ascend to win the League 1 2017 Kaisarjudi123.com. Madura United is still struggling to pursue top position.

Until the 30th week, Madura collected 54 points and was fifth. According to Fachrudin, asa Madura United won the open champion. Moreover, they still leave four matches.

“The championship opportunity is still wide open, so we want to maximize all the remaining games, hopefully in the four matches we can achieve maximum points,” said Fachrudin.

Only, Madura United step disrupted sanctions from Komdis PSSI due to cases of violence against foreign referees, which conducted team officials on the game counter Borneo FC. Madura gets sanctioned four outbreak games and no audience.

In fact, Madura United will serve Barito Putera and the ruling team, Bhayangkara FC. For the away game, Sape Kerrab team hopes to earn points at home to Persiba Balikpapan. While in the last game, the team made by Gomes de Oliveira will face PSM Makassar, who also have a chance to win.

“If for us, the important thing is to maximize and we also still have the spirit to pursue the best results at the end of the season,” he said.

Previously, Gomes de Oliveira also confirmed Madura United did not flinch despite having to compete outside the cage. They are determined to win 12 points from four remaining matches.

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