De Gea Talk about Rescue Resistance When Opponents Liverpool

De Gea Talk about Rescue Resistance When Opponents Liverpool

David de Gea was credited with creating a miracle through a crucial salvage in Liverpool’s match versus Manchester United at Anfield on Saturday (14/10/2017), which ended in a 0-0 draw.

Manchester United were spared from a goal in the 35th minute thanks to David de Gea’s brilliant rescue of a defender’s shot, Joel Matip.

The 26-year-old Spanish goalkeeper stretched out his left foot to reach the ball from a distance of just 5 meters in front of goal.

Meanwhile, the right leg is folded to balance the long range of the left leg.

Success! The right ball hit De Gea’s leg, bounced, and prevented the skin from entering.

By a number of media, thanks to this fantastic action De Gea called alien tub to super human. The goalkeeper claimed the rescue was not a coincidence, but a reflex because of instinct.

“I try to react quickly to reach the ball, sometimes the ball is so fast, so I immediately spread my legs and saved the ball,” he said, quoted from Metro.

In the duel last season at home to Liverpool, De Gea also did a fantastic rescue while flying to ward off Philippe Coutinho’s shot. Which is better?

“I do not know, all the rescue is important, especially at Anfield, the team gets one point outside the enclosure so we’re happy,” he said.

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