Leave Manchester United, Rooney Rela Smaller Reviewed on Everton

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Manchester United vs Swansea City

Leave Manchester United, Rooney Rela Smaller Reviewed on Everton
Wayne Rooney reportedly will leave Manchester United (MU) this summer. England international striker is heading to Everton and must be ready to cut his salary Agen Sbobet Casino.

Last season Rooney was more sitting on the bench since the arrival of Jose Mourinho as manager of United. Management of The Red Devils decided to eject Rooney this summer and plans to hook the new striker.

If this transfer really happens, then Rooney will be the sixth new player for The Toffees this summer. Rooney himself started his professional career with Everton, before moving to Manchester United in 2004.

As reported by Sky Sport, Rooney himself leaves a two-year contract again at Old Trafford. Although last season’s captain MU, the player who is familiarly called Wazza is not the first choice.

Moving to Everton will certainly make the opportunity to play more. It could have an impact on the chances Rooney back defending England, after several occasions he was not called Gareth Souhtgate.

Rooney has willingly cut his paycheck if he really returns to Everton. 31-year-old player reportedly turned down the offer of the Super League China and Major League Soccer, because they still want to play in England.

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